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ADDICTED underwear and swimwear offer designs with lots of Spanish flair. Bright and vivid colours. Combined with European stylings such as low-rise waistbands and fitted styles.

ADDICTED grew to become one of Europe’s most popular underwear and swimwear brands. It is the little brother of the high-fashion brand ES Collection. ADDICTED is one of the first brands we ever sold here at VOCLA. But unfortunately, we decided to move away from ADDICTED. They switched manufacturing of their underwear and swimwear abroad. The quality fell rapidly. They over-sold themselves. They started to copy other brands. Furthermore, there were many Chinese copies on the market, which ADDICTED failed to monitor. At VOCLA, we aim to provide our customers with good quality, genuine, designer underwear and swimwear, at acceptable prices. ADDICTED no longer conformed to this strategy.

Alternatively, we offer CODE22. They are also a Spanish brand with funky designs. But they are much higher quality, with premium materials, and tailoring. Their underwear is usually made with breathable modal and micro-mesh. Additionally, they offer Power Shape padding in their enhancing underwear and swimwear styles. But most of all, they are a more affordable price point and represent great value.

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