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Latex, Rubber, Neoprene + Rubber-Look

Natural latex is sourced from the Amazonian rubber tree. The tree is tapped to collect liquid latex. It exhibits unique physical and chemical properties. It has tough elasticity and a slight shine. But it can be buffed to create an even greater shine. But it’s expensive. Therefore, designer brands often use polyurethane to mimic the look of latex on the outside. But with a softer cotton or polyester base layer against your skin.

Brands like CellBlock13 often release neoprene underwear. Neoprene rubber is a synthetic fabric. It is produced by polymerization of choroprene. Neoprene rubber is durable and tough. Therefore, it is a popular choice for fetish clothing and underwear.

To reduce the cost of rubber latex underwear and clothing, brands use rubber look fabrics. These latex look fabrics are often manufactured from polyurethane (known as PUL). This is a plastic material, made from polymers. In clothing and underwear, it is typically laminated to a cotton or polyester base. Therefore, it is soft to touch on the inside of the clothing or underwear. But it is a smooth and shiny rubber look on the outside. The benefits are a shiny, fetish vibe to your clothing. But at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

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