The MODUS VIVENDI Camouflage photoshoot features models and twins Aaron Scott and Adam Scott. The photoshoot was taken by photographer Viktor Klimenko on location in North Carolina. Using twins seems like the perfect option for a camouflage line that is available in contrast tones. Because the twims shows the difference between the lighter and darker fresh new camo prints in the collection.

The MODUS VIVENDI Camouflage clothing line elevates the camouflage trend further by offering unique camo print designs. These are available in either a bolder darker colour or a lighter pastel colour. This therefore creates contrast and offers a fresh approach to the military style. The Camouflage line is available in a range of camouflage underwear and swimwear styles as well as matching clothing.

Below you can see the photoshoot. But additionally, on the video. Aaron and Adam Scott show you the styles and behind the scenes on the photo-shoot.

The Camouflage line is also available in a range of swimwear styles. Below is the MODUS VIVENDI Camouflage Photoshoot and also the video for the swimwear line. 

Models Pedro Gonzalez and Sergio Diaz Rullo show you the camouflage swimwear styles here, on location for the collection photo-shoot in Tenerife.

Photography: Juan Crisol Models: Pedro Gonzalez & Sergio Diaz Rullo

Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands