Today we introduce the new SUKREW Apex Range! SUKEW have traditionally offered mens larger pouch underwear, with pouches that therefore provide extra space and enhancement. But the new Apex pouch offers guys a more standard pouch size. However, it is still moulded and contoured to give a great fit, support and definition.The Apex line is available in a wide range of pastel styles that are perfect for the Spring/Summer Season.

The SUKREW brand stands for Sexual Unity Krew. Their goal is to provide the sex appeal that can be missing in more comfortable underwear. SUKREW constantly strive to create styles and designs that make you feel sexy without any restrictions or discomfort. SUKREW regularly bring out new styles and designs to ensure the freshest underwear that always benefits from the latest pouch technology. Therefore ensuring the best possible fit and comfort without giving up any sex appeal. These new SUKREW Apex styles are no exception.

The latest SUKREW Apex thong styles perfectly frame your assets! The steep curve creates a substantial SUKREW pouch that neatly fits around your package. Therefore giving you the support that you need whilst also enhancing the look and size of what your packing! Check out the handsome SUKREW model showing off the best qualities of these mens thongs. Who doesn’t love a man in a super sexy thong?

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