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Fetish Tops, Vests, Shirts + Jackets

VOCLA has sourced a great range of mens fetish tops, vests and shirts. These kinky and erotic tops are made with hot and sexy materials like leather, leatherette, rubber and mesh. Therefore, they can be a tight fit muscle vest or a looser fit shirt. The tops can look and feel like leather or be super shiny and kinky.

But our mens fetish tops also come with a range of features:

  • Breathable mesh panels that ventilate you
  • Shirts with pockets for your gear
  • Zipped front shirts and vests for easier access
  • Erotic see-though fabrics so you can give a sneak peak of your chest

Many of these mens erotic shirts can be paired up with other fetish gear items. Therefore, you can create a full fetish outfit. For example, leather trousers.

We’ve selected these mens erotic vests and shirts from some of the best fetish brands, such as Maskulo and TOF Paris. We source the tops directly from these mens fetish gear brands, to guarantee authenticity for you.

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