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VOCLA has one of the best ranges of mens front enhancing underwear. These underwear styles focus on front enhancement in the pouch area – VOCLA has a great range of bum enhancing underwear.

Mens front enhancing underwear aims to do one of more of the following:

  • Lift and support the front package
  • Enhance the male bulge, making it look larger and fuller
  • Provide extra room in the pouch

There are a number of benefits:

  • Enhancing the underwear pouch can provide a confidence boost
  • Lifting the crotch upwards and outwards can reduce sticking, sweating and chafing
  • Increasing the package space reduces squashing for a more comfortable wear

We have three main types of mens front enhancement underwear:

  • PUSH-UP UNDERWEAR – this uses a piece of U-shaped material to lift the crotch upwards and outwards, reducing sticking, sweating and chafing, whilst also enhancing the bulge size
  • PADDED UNDERWEAR – padding is inserted into the front pouch to create enhancement, creating a fuller and rounder profile appearance
  • LARGE POUCH UNDERWEAR – the cut of the pouch is changed to provide more space or a ‘hang free’ wearing experience, reducing squashing, sticking, sweating and chafing. The pouch protrudes outwards showing off your assets

Push-up lifting systems are best if you want to combine enhancement with support. Larger pouches are best if you are looking for extra room at the front and a more natural, hang-free feel. Padding is best if you prefer to have a fuller profile.

For more information on each of the above, take a look at our article “The Three Forms of Front Enhancing Underwear for Men

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