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Thongs + G-Strings

VOCLA has a great range of mens thongs, designer thong underwear from top global brands, sourced directly from the designer. If you are looking for something different and super sexy, these thongs and strings will do the trick!

Mens thongs usually have a front pouch and a thin elasticated waistband. However, some can have a standard elasticated waistband. But there is also an aesthetic thong piece to the upper rear. This thong piece of material is designed to frame the upper buttocks, therefore giving a sexy look. Show off that bubble butt!

Mens g strings are similar to thongs but they tend to have a string waistband and a string which runs down the buttocks to hold everything together. A g string is the most minimal of all the mens underwear styles that we hold at VOCLA.

G strings and thongs are the most daring of mens underwear, but if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?! You may not think many men wear this type of underwear, but we assure that they do!

Want to learn more? See our article ‘What’s the Difference Between a Jockstrap, Thong and G-String?’

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