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Micro Swimwear: Bikinis, Tangas, Thongs

Men’s micro swimwear comes in various forms: the mini bikini, swimming Tanga, or swimming thong. These micro swimwear styles are the most revealing of our swimwear. They are the sexiest swimwear styles, and you’ll get an awesome tan line with them!

A men’s swimming bikini is a swimming brief with a super low-rise waist and high-cut legs. Therefore, the risk of chafing is reduced. And the bikini is a super hot sexy style. But also, a great choice for those with larger legs or thighs.

Men’s swimming Tangas have no side material – so the Tanga has even less material than a bikini brief! Men’s Tanga swimwear is the ultimate option for the perfect tan line. And the ultimate option to show off those legs.

Men’s swimming thongs have no rear material, other than perhaps a thong piece or string. The swimming thong is definitely one for the brave guy, but an increasingly popular option. We have a range of swimming thongs available with brands like Barcode Berlin, Modus Vivendi, and TOF Paris.

VOCLA holds a range of designer Tanga, bikini, and thong swimwear from top global brands. Whether it’s basics, fashion, or designer micro swimwear, including the latest seasonal collections. These men’s micro swimwear styles are sure to get you noticed around the pool.

For a more conventional swimming brief, see our range of men’s swim briefs.

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