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Andrew Christian FlashLIFT Collection

The Andrew Christian FlashLIFT underwear collection incorporates both Andrew Christian’s show-it frontal enhancement technology along with butt lifting and contouring technology. Therefore, with FlashLIFT underwear, you get both front and rear lifting! The best of both worlds. This mega style will make your ass look mighty fine and give you a boost of up to 1.5” to the front pouch area.

The front pouch contains Andrew Christian’s Show-it push-up technology. The back of the FlashLIFT style has an invisible lifting support structure built into the seams of the underwear. It’s similar to elasticated jock straps. These straps lift the buttocks upwards, helping to make them look firmer and rounder. But without the need for any padding. Therefore, the FlashLIFT underwear collection will help to give you a fine bubble butt!

Andrew Christian regularly releases new colours for FlashLIFT, so don’t forget to come back and check for new colours. VOCLA holds the UK’s largest collection of Andrew Christian FlashLIFT underwear.

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