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Breathable + Ventilating

Breathable menswear and underwear are made with performance materials that ventilate you. Therefore, the clothing styles allow moisture to be wicked away. Ultimately, this menswear helps to reduce sticking and sweating. As well as keeping you cool and dry for longer.

VOCLA holds breathable menswear and ventilating underwear styles made with the following breathable fabrics:

Modal. Modal fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Therefore, modal is great to use in moisture-wicking underwear.
Micro Mesh. This is a perforated fabric. The tiny holes allow the material to ventilate you. Therefore, it’s breathable and the best option to keep you cool. This ventilating fabric is used in underwear and menswear styles such as tank tops and shorts.
Bamboo. The fabric is made with bamboo rayon, which has moisture-wicking properties. But it is also silky smooth to the touch. Therefore, a more luxurious feel. Underwear products are usually manufactured with Bamboo.

As well as performance fabrics, breathable underwear can feature windows or ‘holes’, and backless styles.

Breathable menswear and underwear are great options for active men or for wearing during sporting activity, just when you need moisture-wicking properties. These breathable fabrics will help keep you cool and dry for longer, whilst wicking away sweat.

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