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CellBlock 13 X-Back

CellBlock13 X-Back

CellBlock 13 X-Back offers you just what CellBlock 13 are good at – kinky styles that pair up with splashes of colour for your partywear. The X-Back line is designed for you to really show off in the night club. Both the jockstrap pouch and the body harness straps have reflective stripes which glow bright under UV fluorescent lighting. That’s sure to get you noticed! Additionally, they are available in a range of coloured spandex trims and inner pouch material. Therefore, you can choose a more fetish or a sporty partywear look.

The jock attaches to the matching X-Back harness on metallic D-rings, using swivel clips. However, you can attach other CellBlock 13 harnesses. The body harness is also adjustable, with snaps. Therefore, you can get the perfect fit. And it has an X cross style to the back. The jock is also super low rise. And there isn’t even a waistband to the back. How teasing is that?

CellBlock 13 X-Back is made with a stretch mesh. The pouch is made with a double layer of material. Therefore, the colour shows through the see-through mesh.

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