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CellBlock 13 Kick-Off

CellBlock 13 Kick-Off offers a cross between fetishwear and sportswear, to give you a hot sporty but naughty style. Inspired by American Football design, the CellBlock Kick-Off line includes features such as breathable mesh, stretchy spandex, sporty cropped tops, lace-up pouches, and laced fastenings to the back of waistbands.

The CellBlock 13 Kick-Off line includes jockstraps, bottomless briefs, and shorts, in a fetish neoprene rubber material. This is soft and smooth to touch, with a fetish vibe. It’s finished with contrast trims in a range of colours, so you can choose a more fetish or a more party vibe to your outfit.

The CellBlock 13 Kick-Off bottoms can be paired up with a matching neoprene harness and/or an oversized cropped top. Again, allowing you to create a more fetish or a more party vibe to your outfit. The bottoms have internal D-rings to attach any CellBlock 13 harness to.

CellBlock Kick-Off is definitely a hot and sporty vibe!

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