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Crotchless + Removable Pouches


Mens Crotchless and Removable Pouch Underwear

VOCLA’s range of mens crotchless underwear does exactly what you expect. There is no pouch, so you can hang free in these open front underwear designs. Crotchless underwear is a good option if you like to go commando, like the natural ‘hang free’ feel, or if you just want something sexy and naughty for the bedroom. We have a range of crotchless styles: jockstraps, thongs, boxers, and briefs. But also some crotchless clothing.

We also hold a range of underwear with removable pouches. These cod piece pouches usually have snap buttons to fasten the pouch. But they are easily removable. MASKULO holds a great range of underwear and gear with removable pouches. They are usually designed with a 3D shape, providing an enhanced look. They are removable, whenever required, leaving you with a crotchless look!

But there are also some other styles such as CellBlock13 and their Jock Armour. This is effectively an internal C-Ring, which the removable pouch reveals. So that’s crotchless underwear with a little extra support.

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VOCLA Mens Underwear