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Maskulo Armored

Maskulo Armored Mens Fetishwear

The massively popular MASKULO Armored collection is designed for your fetish desires. The original Armored lycra styles have leather-look 3D padding to create a masculine fetish look. Throw in a removable codpiece pouch, zip-up rears or backless features, and a huge range of matching accessories, and your fetish desires just got met. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd in this padded MASKULO gear!

MASKULO later introduced a new Armored line. Another seriously hot & sexy padded design. This time with some superhero inspiration. The shiny fabrics are super-stretchy to show off your assets. They are mixed with a 3D red mesh padding for a masculine superhero look. All these MASKULO items can be paired up with a great range of matching accessories to give you a full Armored outfit. So, you are ready for battle!

Then came the MASKULO Armored Next styles, taking the same padded design but adding a touch more fetish. Striped pouches in red and black, set against stretch polyester or shiny leatherette bodies. In addition, there are removable pouches, pockets, and rear zips.

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