GUIDE: The Best Push-Up Underwear for Men

Male push-up underwear has a front lifting pouch. At the entrance to the pouch is a U-shaped or horse-shoe shaped piece of tightened material which the package sits over. This material is soft and usually elasticated to provide comfort and gentle support. It pushes the package upwards and outwards.


What are the Benefits?

1) Enhancement – lifting the package outwards fills the pouch more, creating an enhancement effect, without the need for warm padding or irritating cups. As an example, the Andrew Christian Show-It push-up technology claims to increase front measurements by up to 1.5 inches

2) Better health – lifting the package upwards and outwards, away from the body, reduces sticking and sweating, giving a dryer and healthier wearing experience

3) Support – the horse-shoe shaped material provides plenty of support underneath the package so you’re not left dangling around. Everything is kept in place!


What are the Drawbacks?

1) Feeling – push-up systems are unnatural, so the lifting effect feels a little strange at first. If the U-shaped material is softer and/or elasticated, this will improve comfort

2) Space for the well-endowed – push-up systems create less space at the front of the pouch for your package to sit over, so if you’re a well-endowed guy, space may be a little tight


The Best Push Up Underwear for Men

Here we list out some of our bestselling push-up underwear styles to guide you through some options.

ADDICTED Racing Stripe

The ADDICTED Racing stripe boxer and brief have a front push-up system in the pouch. The pouch is made with cotton material to provide extra comfort but the body is made with a micro-mesh material which ventilates you, helping to keep you cool and dry. So that’s both the push-up system and the material working together to keep the temperature down and reduce sweating and sticking. Cool, literally!


Andrew Christian RetroPop with Show-It Technology

The Andrew Christian RetroPop range provides some funky retro-inspired designs with curved legs and coloured trims. Andrew Christian has then added his famous Show-It technology which lifts and supports you, adding up to 1.5 inches to your front measurements. So that’s a great mix of funky retro design combined with push-up enhancement. Not only that, but the RetroPop styles are usually some of the most affordable of the Andrew Christian collections.



This ADDICTED boxer has a push-up system in the front which will lift and support you. It’s a fitted boxer with short European-style legs. The boxer has an ‘AD’ print design to the side and contrast white trims around the pouch and legs. Combine the fitted style with the push-up system and contrast trims around the pouch and you get a full looking pouch!


Andrew Christian Show-It Tagless

These Andrew Christian boxer and brief styles provide you with Andrew Christian Show-It push-up technology which boosts your front measurements by up to 1.5 inches. Andrew Christian has also conveniently removed the itchy tags to provide additional comfort. All that is combined with some pretty funky and colourful design – bold colours, contrast trims and striped waistbands.