What is the best mens pouch underwear? It is a difficult question to answer. That’s because men’s underwear pouches vary widely and have different benefits. The underwear pouch design can be used to do the following:

  • enhance the size and profile of the pouch
  • provide lift and support
  • provide protection
  • create extra space to reduce sticking, sweating and squashing
  • give a natural ‘hang free’ feel for better comfort

Take a look at our “Guide to Mens Underwear Pouches” for more information about the different pouch designs, their benefits and disadvantages.

To provide you with some help, online underwear store VOCLA has picked out 5 of the best pouch underwear styles.



The Andrew Christian Almost Naked range has an anatomically correct, ‘hang free’ front pouch. The pouch is cut into a longer shape than a standard pouch. Therefore, it allows you to naturally ‘hang free’. There is more space and less squashing. Consequently, less sticking, sweating and chafing. But above all, it’s super comfortable. Your anatomy was built to dangle, so why squash it into a small pouch? There are however, a couple of drawbacks. If you have a small package, a longer pouch is not going to help you out, you won’t fill the longer pouch and the pouch will look empty and wrinkle. Not a good look! You’re best opting for a contoured pouch which provides a little extra room than a standard pouch and with a little support. Also, there is no support whatsoever with anatomically correct pouches, the pouch is designed for you to dangle.

Best for comfort!


PUMP! underwear have a great range of sporty styles that cross over between the gym and fashion. Their styles have contour pouches. A contour pouch has a vertical seam down the middle of the pouch. This strengthens the pouch and gives it a D shape. This D shape gives you a little extra room and support compared to a standard pouch. It also provides some definition, so there are no flat fronts here. PUMP! combine contour pouches with great sporty designs and micro-mesh fabric which is breathable, keeping you cool and dry for longer. Some of the styles even have elasticated leg trims, wide waistbands and fly openings. This killer combination of great design and material combined with a contour pouch, makes this a winner for us.

Best for everyday wear!


The Andrew Christian Show It range is a clear favourite for enhancing pouches. These enhancing pouches fall under the category of lifting pouches. Padded pouches (see below) are also enhancing. The show-it collection is a form of push-up technology. A u-shaped fabric panel is placed at the entrance to the pouch. Your package sits over this panel which pushes the package upwards and outwards from underneath. The fabric panel is elasticated so it is soft and flexible, to make it more comfortable. By moving the package upwards and outwards, away from the body, you get lift, support, reduced sticking and sweating. It’s the best mens pouch underwear for lifting and supporting the pouch.

Best for lift and support!


Another form of enhancing pouch underwear is padded pouch underwear. The CODE22 Power Shape range falls within this category. A piece of removable shaped foam padding is inserted into the front of the pouch. This gives the pouch a rounder and fuller look which could be particularly useful to provide definition underneath other clothing. It’s the best men’s pouch underwear for re-shaping the pouch.

Best for shaping!


Andrew Christian adapted his Almost Naked collection (see above) to make an even larger underwear pouch for well-endowed guys. The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy collection is the best mens pouch underwear for the big boys! It has exactly the same benefits as the Almost Naked range: anatomically correct pouch, less sweating, sticking, squashing and chafing. But as the pouch is cut even larger, there is sufficient space for the big boys to fill it without squashing. Just a word of caution though…if you really aren’t a ‘Trophy Boy’, you’re not going to fill the extra large underwear pouch and this will not be a good look. Be realistic and opt instead for the Almost Naked range.

Best for space!