Men’s swimwear trends are certainly brighter and bolder for this Summer, compared to previous years. Here are our top men’s swimwear trends and themes for this season. This Summer is a season of funky prints, bold colours, back-to-basics, sporty design and enhancing pouches.

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SUKREW Men's Swimming Brief


Men’s swimwear trends change every year. Take the time to make sure that you’re getting the basics right first. These swimwear basics are essential in any beach-bound wardrobe. Don’t underestimate these understated pieces. They may be a simple block colour, but they are great for mixing and matching with seasonal styles and prints to expand your wardrobe and dress up or dress down different pieces. Update and refresh your looks year after year by being smart with your men’s basic swimwear pieces. The basics are available in a number of styles, from revealing low-cut micro swim briefs to traditional swimming shorts.

Basics are available in more than just the standard black-and-white monochrome. The SUKREW swimwear basics swimming styles are available in seven colours, including bright and simple shades of black, white, green, red, navy, orange, and aqua. These come in a classic swim brief or a men’s swimming thong for those more daring! There’s a colour for everyone to express themselves and something to match any other statement piece. Tie together your poolside look. 


Who doesn’t love a good print? There is a wide range of swimwear trends this year with some funky prints. Therefore, something to suit everyone. From sexy animal prints, timeless sailor stripes, colourful checks and cheeky graphic prints. If you want something classic with a modern twist, look no further than our swimwear prints & patterns


Striped men’s swimwear is a timeless classic that will always be on trend! The TOF Paris swimwear line has sailor stripes in navy/white. And the CODE22 swimwear line has retro-striped swimwear. Two different striped swimwear vibes for the ultimate beach look


If the above prints & patterns aren’t cheeky enough for you, BARCODE Berlin offers a number of styles with fun and unique comic prints, combined with vibrant colours. From unicorns, to ducks…and more!

The swim briefs are made with stretch polyester that sits snug to the body. It’s also a quick-drying fabric, suitable for being in and out of the water. They also include internal drawstrings, for an adjustable and secure fit. They will definitely make you stand out at the beach or the after-party whilst providing you with optimum comfort and style.


Neon swimwear is a definite for men’s swimwear trends 2023. Neon may have been big in the 80’s but there is nothing old-school about ou neon swimwear! The neon designs may have details and trims in different neon colours, or they may be full-on all-neon. Check out our TOF Paris Neon Mini Swimming Bikini and TOF Paris Neon swimming thong.

These neon men’s swimwear styles are an excellent option for a pool or beach party, especially if there are UV fluorescent lights. The neon colours will glow brightly under the lights.

VOCLA also loves the BARCODE Berlin Neon Swimming Brief. It comes in 3 bold and bright fluorescent colours with an adjustable external drawstring to the waistband. Go from beach to beach club-ready in seconds at an affordable price tag.



Men’s swimwear trends wouldn’t be complete without some technology included. Enhancing swimwear can provide you with front and rear enhancements to make sure that you’re turning heads as you strut down the beach! CODE22 Power Shape swimwear provides package enhancement with its built-in rounded padding cup. It provides you with a fuller and more rounded pouch appearance, beautifully enhancing your features. Also engineered anatomically to give you the perfect fit. The Power Shape system inserts into the front of the swimwear and is therefore fully removable. This gives you the choice of when and where you want to benefit from the padding!