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Rounderbum is a US brand that specialises in shapewear, designing underwear styles that enhance your package size, reshape your package, lift your buttocks, reshape your bum, or slim your waistline. They have a range of technology available in several styles and colours to suit your requirements:

  • Rounderbum Package Technology – lifting and padding to the front pouch using cups or push-up features.
  • Rounderbum Padded Technology – pads inserted into the rear of underwear. Therefore, re-shaping your buttocks.
  • Rounderbum Lift Tech – lifting straps are sewn into the back seams of the underwear, which act like internal jockstraps. Therefore, push and support your buttocks upwards and outwards for that perfect bubble butt.
  • Rounderbum Anatomic Tech – a V-shaped front allows a completely natural hang free feel! This helps to reduce sticking, chafing and sweating – overall, a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Workout Collection – these workout styles use a combination of the above techs to bring you a range of innovative performance sports underwear. They offer compression, support and a fitted appearance.

The brand was featured on Shark Tank in the USA in January 2018. As a result, Kevin O’Leary invested $150,000 into the brand. Therefore, someone clearly believes in padded underwear! Why not also give Rounderbum a try? Get that peachy ass you’ve always wanted!

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