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VA STYLE is an online menswear fashion blog focussing on mens underwear and swimwear. Online menswear retailer VOCLA, looks at the latest trends and collections, their photoshoots, models and videos. VA STYLE also offers help, advice and guides on everything from underwear materials to enhancing technology. But if you need some further help, feel free to contact us or comment on a post. Plus, our top menswear picks available in the market to help you get on trend this season.

Enjoy the photoshoots and videos!

All images and videos on the VA STYLE guide are provided by VOCLA and the associated menswear brands. If you would like to link to, quote or provide snippets of our articles, please contact us first. 

VOCLA® is a global online retailer of mens underwear, swimwear, fetishwear & clubwear. VOCLA has over 1200 styles available and is the UK authorized retailer for every brand, holding the largest range in the UK for each brand.

VOCLA is a limited company registered in England with registration number 07910951. VAT: GB127838488. The words and logos VOCLA®, VA CLUB® and VA® are registered trademarks of VOCLA Limited.

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