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Modus Vivendi

Designer Christos Bibitsos presents his MODUS VIVENDI label with a range of diverse collections. He offers creativity combined with fine materials and superb tailoring. The brand name translates from Latin to ‘Way of Life’ and it truly encapsulates that phrase. The MODUS VIVENDI Male Way of Life redefines men’s underwear and swimwear with elegance, authenticity, and edgy design.

MODUS VIVENDI underwear collections take inspiration from different areas of life. They combine innovation and the finest fabrics. Therefore, presenting exclusive and artistic underwear styles.

MODUS VIVENDI swimwear offers a seasonal unique mix of bold designs that are sure to get you noticed on the beach. But also, classic and elegant cuts that will stand the test of time.

Modus Vivendi is an established Greek brand, operating since 1989. That’s longer than any other brand available on VOCLA. They maintain a small in-house team of tailors, like a traditional fashion label. Cheap outsourcing abroad is not in vogue here. Consequently, they can ensure strict control over their high-end garments.

VOCLA is the official UK stockist, therefore sourcing directly from the brand to ensure authenticity for you. We also have the largest selection in the UK. We release new collections the first, offer a price guarantee, and free UK delivery on every order.

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