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Thongs & Strings

Shop our range of hot men’s underwear thongs and strings from our niche fashion brands. These underwear styles include a variety of styles to buy: G-strings, V-strings, T-strings, V-Thongs, Jock Thongs, classic thongs and bubble thongs. If you are looking for something different and super hot, these will do the trick!

Male thong underwear usually has a front pouch and a thin elasticated waistband. Although, we do have some crotchless thongs. But there is also an aesthetic triangular piece of material to the upper rear. This piece of material is designed to frame the upper buttocks for a hot look. Therefore, you can show off that bubble butt!

Men’s string underwear is similar but a string doesn’t have the triangular piece to the rear. Nor any waistband. The front is held to the front, simply with string. The shape of this string refers to the G, T, and V lettering.

But both male thong and string underwear styles are completely backless, with minimum waistband material.

Strings and thongs are the most daring of men’s underwear, but if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? You may not think many men wear this type of underwear, but we assure you that they do! Thongs are becoming more popular than male jockstrap underwear.

You can buy underwear thongs and strings for men from our extensive range here. Shop the different features using the product feature: we have a wide range of colours and materials. But, it’s not just underwear, we also offer men’s swimwear thongs to buy which are listed within our swimwear category.

But if you are still unsure whether these styles are suitable, take a look at our Guide to Men’s Underwear which compares the different product types before you shop for a thong or string.

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