What is a jockstrap for?

What is a jockstrap for? A simple answer is support. Afterall, that was the original intention when the first jock was designed. But in recent years, fashion jocks and their variants have become popular as alternatives to briefs and boxers and there are more benefits than just support.

Jockstraps are sometimes known as jocks or supporters. The style was invented in America in 1874 by CF Bennett to provide support and comfort to bicycle messengers or ‘bike jockeys’. He worked for a company that later became the Bike Web Company . It is still a jockstrap manufacturer of the well-known ‘Bike’ brand.

Mens Jockstraps have three main uses:

1)      Medical purposes – sometimes worn for medical purposes when recovering from injury or surgery, particularly those around the genital area.

2)      Sport – The lack of material at the back helps to keep the wearer cooler and dry. Because it allows sweat to evaporate more easily. The lack of side material also aids leg movement. The front pouch provides support. It can sometimes include a hard protective cup which is ideal for more vigorous sports. A jockstrap made with a light and airy material such as mesh or a breathable material such as modal provides the ultimate quick drying and cooling option.

3)      Fashion – The jockstrap has become more mainstream with some of the major underwear brands now adopting the style as an everyday fashion item. The lack of material at the back can help keep the wearer cooler in warmer climates or summer months. The backless design also has sex appeal and the straps can help lift the buttocks.



A traditional style of jock has an elasticated waistband, elasticated straps at the rear and a front fabric pouch. There is no side material. However, in recent years, some brands have added alternatives. For example, the jock brief and jock boxer, effectively bottomless briefs and backless boxers. These provide the benefits of coverage and comfort but allow air to circulate at the back. They are aimed at the fashion market and in particular, they provide sex appeal within the LGBT market. The back opening provides a frame around the buttocks to help create a bubble butt look.

So a jockstrap has a variety of benefits and different uses. The original was designed to provide support. However, it has evolved to provide medical uses, sweat evaporation, cooling abilities, ease of leg movement, sex appeal and butt-lifting properties.