Everyone wants to know who the new boy on the block is – What is a Tanga Brief?

The traditional ‘tighty whitie’ has now been tweaked and redesigned so much by underwear brands over recent years that it is almost no longer recognisable. Lower-rise waistbands, higher-cut legs and fitted styles are now more in fashion. But it isn’t just the features of the underwear that are changing. There are also some new hybrid styles that have appeared. One such style is the men’s Tanga Brief.

The Tanga Brief is already a popular female style. However, the style has now crossed over into men’s underwear. Male Tanga Briefs have similar characteristics to their female counterparts. There is a minimalistic approach to the design. Although a Tanga provides more coverage when compared to a thong, g-string of jockstrap. The front and back are both covered and they are joined by just the waistband. So there is no side material around the legs and thighs. The front and back material on a female tanga may simply be joined with just a string but mens Tanga underwear tends to be joined with a normal full-size elasticated waistband, giving a more masculine look. The front pouch is usually cut into a triangular shape, like a jockstrap pouch.

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What are the Benefits of a Tanga Brief?

Greater comfort: Some guys prefer a Tanga Brief because the lack of side material provides more comfort. There’s no material to ride up the legs. That’s less chafing.

Easier movement: The lack of side material allows the legs to move more easily so a Tanga Brief can be a good option for sporting activity. It can also be a good alternative to a jockstrap if you’re a little embarrassed at showing a jock in the changing rooms or if you find the straps on a jock to be tight and uncomfortable. 

Better fit: You may find that the leg openings on standard underwear don’t stretch well around your legs comfortably. Perhaps you’ve got naturally larger legs or thighs. Or maybe you’ve been hitting the legs in the gym. Removing the side material on the brief will resolve this problem entirely, giving you a better fit.