Boxer underwear is an essential part of any man’s underwear drawer. Once, boxers were seen as super baggy, long length and not very flattering. Also known as the boxer short. These days, the best mens boxers are fitted, loaded with the latest technology and don’t skimp on sex appeal!

Mens boxer underwear is available in three styles:

  1. Boxer briefs – these are a fitted, mid-thigh length leg
  2. Trunks – these are fitted, short leg length, square-shaped
  3. Boxer shorts – these are a loose-fitting, baggy style 

Did you know?Boxers get their name because they were invented by the boxing equipment company, EverLast, in 1925. They were created to give Boxers more mobility in the ring with the attached waistband compared to their belted trunks. The name has stuck since.

The best mens boxers are available in a range of different styles and also designs from various brands. Over recent years, new styles of boxers have appeared, such as the backless boxer. These are perfect if you’re looking for something a bit naughtier!

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Mens Underwear for information about more underwear styles.



 10. PUMP! Blue Steel Jogger Boxer

This PUMP! Blue Steel Boxer features an icy steel colour design, combined with the best breathable mesh construction to keep you dry and cool all day. Perfect activewear! This breathable boxer underwear also features a handy pocket design.

9.  CODE22 Energy Mesh Trunk

Something sexy and sporty! With breathable micro-mesh fabric and a low-rise waistband, this boxer trunk is great for those with an active lifestyle. Available in red, white and black, therefore you can choose which style is perfect for you.

8. TOF Paris French Trunk

A stretch cotton trunk for everyday wear with a lined and contoured pouch for extra support and definition! Available in various colours to suit your style.

7. PUMP Academy Access Backless Trunk

A stand out from PUMP! with its masculine red, blue and white-inspired athletic design. Additionally, it’s made from a mesh construction to ensure you’re comfortable and ventilated with a completely backless underwear design!

6. ANDREW CHRISTIAN Premium Bamboo Boxer

Premium for a reason! These Andrew Christian Boxers are made from super soft Bamboo Rayon. It’s the best fabric for all day comfort!

5. MODUS VIVENDI Double Boost Boxer

This MODUS VIVENDI cotton boxer is a classic style, with innovative bum and pouch straps to lift and give you an extra ‘boost’. A great option for lifting underwear without having something too extreme.

4. ANDREW CHRISTIAN Show-It RetroPop Boxer

A cool retro-inspired piece from Andrew Christian. This boxer benefits from Andrew Christian’s Signature Show-It enhancing push-up technology which lifts and supports you, adding up to 1.5″ to your front measurements! It’s one of the best forms of enhancement.

3. ROUNDERBUM Package Enhancing Padded Trunk

The original Rounderbum underwear style and a firm favourite! With a removable pouch padding to reshape, enhance and volumise your pouch in soft cotton fabric for all-day comfort!

2. Andrew Christian Bum + Pouch Enhancing Boxer

Have it all with this Andrew Christian Bum Enhancing & Pouch Lifting boxer! With straps built into the boxer to lift and support the buttocks PLUS a hidden cup in the front to lift your pouch upwards and outwards! Our favourite bum-enhancing underwear.

1. THE BEST MENS BOXER: CODE22 Power Shape Boxer

This CODE22 Power Shape boxer has removable pouch padding to the front. Therefore, it gives you a fuller and rounder pouch appearance. But not only that, but the vertical seam at the rear also helps shape your buttocks! The best of both.