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CODE 22 Power Shape

CODE22 Power Shape underwear has pouch padding which gives your package some enhancement. The Power Shape padding is thin. But it is shaped into a rounded cup. It gives you a rounder and fuller pouch appearance, beautifully enhancing your features. Engineered anatomically, the Power Shape padding provides a perfect fit. The Power Shape padding is removable. Therefore, you are able to wear it whenever you would like. In addition, these CODE22 padded briefs and boxers have vertical seams down the centre of the pouch, contoured to give a little extra definition. But that’s not all, as this CODE22 underwear can also have a vertical seam down the rear, which helps to make your buttocks look mighty fine! Therefore, that’s enhancement to the front and back, all in the same CODE22 underwear!

CODE22 Power Shape technology also features in some CODE 22 swimwear. Therefore, when you leave the water, there is no embarrassing sagging downwards! The padding is inserted into a front pocket of the swimwear. Therefore, it can be removed.

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