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Destructive Fetish

If you’re looking for a super sexy vibe, the DESTRUCTIVE Fetish brand is perfect for you! Using top-quality materials bringing function and fashion together.

The DESTRUCTIVE Fetish range has everything you can think of and more! Including jockstraps, briefs, shorts, vests, and crops! The Destructive styles are made with a soft and lightweight leatherette material or sexy see-through mesh. The leatherette has a slight shine, made to look and feel like leather. But also contains spandex to allow for some stretch. Therefore, moulding perfectly to you for a hot form fit. The Destructive styles also have cheeky little finishes such as mesh, fishnet, zips, studs, and rings to really add some extra naughtiness.

DESTRUCTIVE Fetish has a range of accessories, such as harnesses, collars & bracelets for all your fetish needs! Create a kinky outfit and live out your fetish desires!

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