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Push Up Lifting + Support Underwear


Mens push-up underwear uses pieces of fabric or straps to lift the crotch upwards and outwards. Therefore, it pushes you up and away from the body to provide lift, support and enhancement.

Some mens lifting underwear systems have straps that fasten underneath the pouch. These straps behave like a cradle. They hold the package upwards and support it underneath.

However, the most common form of mens supporting underwear is a U-shaped material sewn into the entrance of the pouch. Your package sits over this material. Therefore, the material supports it from underneath. It usually has a soft elastic lining to make it more comfortable and to provide some flexibility.

The benefits of mens lifting underwear technology are not only support, lift and enhancement but also health. These push-up systems move the package away from the body. Therefore, they reduce sticking, sweating and squashing. As such, it’s a healthier wearing experience.

Mens push up underwear tends to provide the largest level of enhancement. However, it can vary depending on your size and the system used.

The disadvantage of push-up underwear relates to the feel. It is not necessarily uncomfortable. But it is not natural for your package to be pushed upwards. Therefore, it can feel strange and require a little patience at first.

The Andrew Christian Show-It collection is a good example of push-up underwear. Those styles increase your front measurements by up to 1.5 inches!

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