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VOCLA has a great range of mens body and chest harnesses that are suitable for a fetish outfit or as clubwear. There are two main types of mens harness, that we sell:

  • Mens chest harnesses – the straps expand across the chest and over the shoulders. The harness straps can be either an X or H shape to the front or back.
  • Mens body harnesses – similar to a chest harness but there are additional straps down the body, which usually attach to a ring around the you know what! These are more of a fetish BDSM harness.

These mens harnesses are available in real leather, leatherette, rubber-look, rubber neoprene and fabric straps, so you really have a great choice. Some of the chest and body harnesses will glow brightly under UV lighting, which makes them the perfect option for in the club – you will glow brightly for all to see!

We’ve selected these body harnesses from some of the best mens fetish gear brands, such as Maskulo, TOF Paris, Locker Gear and CellBlock13. We source directly from these mens fetish brands, to guarantee authenticity for you.

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