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Modus Vivendi Swimwear

MODUS VIVENDI releases their swimwear seasonally, in a range of flattering swimming styles. They offer a unique mix of bold swimwear designs that are sure to get you noticed on the beach. But also, classic and elegant swimwear that will stand the test of time.

MODUS VIVENDI makes all their swimwear with their in-house team of tailors. Therefore, like a traditional fashion label. Consequently, you get exceptional quality and attention to detail.

A great place to start with your swimwear is a basic style. Because it can be used as the base to match several outfits. MODUS VIVENDI offers a great range of basics in a wide range of swimwear styles and colours, from classic to bold.

In addition, MODUS VIVENDI releases unique seasonal prints. VOCLA holds these 2022 collections:

MODUS VIVENDI Gordian Knot – a sexy shimmery look with shiny metallic fabric.

MODUS VIVENDI Cyclops – funky and refreshing oval dot print combined with quality tailoring.

MODUS VIVENDI Dot Swim – unique monochrome subtle dot print, the dot print is on the inside and slightly visible on the outside.

MODUS VIVENDI Camouflage – funky and refreshed camo prints with metallic and recycled fabrics.

MODUS VIVENDI Glam Meander – vibrant colours with a silver or gold foil Meander Greek Key waistband. True luxury!

VOCLA holds the UK’s largest range of Modus Vivendi Swimwear, as an authorized retailer. We offer a price guarantee on all swimwear.

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