ANDREW CHRISTIAN is the King when it comes to underwear technology. Spanning over a decade, he has been releasing new collections to meet your every need. What’s the secret? Well each collection focusses on a different underwear technology. The brand has a bit of everything – enhancement underwear, hang free designs, lifting straps and more. They’re not just gimmicks, they have real benefits. 


The ANDREW CHRISTIAN ALMOST NAKED collection is the most well-known, longest running and most popular of the Andrew Christian collections. There’s a good reason why: the underwear is super comfortable. There are no cups and straps involved, just a simple design that makes a massive difference to your comfort. The underwear has a front pocket pouch. The pocket is larger and drops downwards more than standard underwear, allowing you to naturally hang free. This extra space therefore helps to reduce squashing, sticking, sweating and re-adjusting. The hang free design feels like you are ‘almost naked’, hence the name of the collection. Although a strange feeling at first, it is far more comfortable than normal underwear.

Guide to the Best Mens Underwear Pouches


We’re mentioning the ANDREW CHRISTIAN TROPHY BOY collection next because it’s practically the same as the Almost Naked collection. However, there is one difference, a much larger front pocket. The Trophy Boy collection is aimed at the well-endowed guy. Whilst standard underwear will be too fitted and squashed, the Trophy Boy collection will allow him to comfortably hang free. The designs also have their own iconic Trophy Boy waistband to therefore make everyone aware of the wearer’s status!


The ANDREW CHRISTIAN SHOW-IT collection includes a form of push-up enhancing underwear technology. It claims to boost front measurements by up to 1.5 inches. The technology involves a u-shaped piece of soft material placed into the front pouch. This gently lifts and supports the package, therefore moving it upwards and outwards, away from the body.  Consequently, this provides lift, support and enhancement. But additionally, moving the package away from the body also helps to reduce sweating, squashing and sticking. So if someone is prone to jock itch, this technology could provide some healthy help.

Best Push Up Mens Lifting Underwear


The ANDREW CHRISTIAN FLASHLIFT collection has butt lifting technology. This aims to lift your buttocks to give a rounder, bubble butt shape. There is an invisible lifting structure built into the back seams of the underwear, in the form of lifting straps, similar to jock straps.  These straps lift the buttocks, making them look firm and round, without the use of any padding.

One of the bestselling FlashLift products is the FlashLift boxer. This includes show-it technology so it not only lifts the buttocks but also boosts the front measurements too!


The ANDREW CHRISTIAN RETROPOP collection has a funky retro design with curved leg openings, retro lettering on the waistband and sporty side stripes. The collection is usually released as a series of limited edition items. Additionally, the underwear usually includes show-it front enhancement technology.