There are several types of mens mesh underwear, all designed with slightly different ideas in mind. Advancements in underwear materials have allowed the range of mesh underwear available in the market to increase. But you need to be careful – they are very different to each other. 

The three main types of mens mesh underwear are:

  1. Sheer Mesh
  2. Fishnet Mesh
  3. Micro-Mesh

The obvious difference between these three is in the sizing of the holes in the mesh. And this creates different effects and advantages. 

However, they all have one characteristic in common. That’s breathability. The holes in the material ventilate you. This helps air to circulate. Therefore, helping to wick away moisture, evaporate sweat and keep you cool and dry for longer. This makes mesh underwear a great option for Summer and the warmer months.



Micro mesh has tiny punch holes in the material. The fabric can either be polyester-based or softer cotton. It is usually combined with some lycra, therefore giving you the freedom to move. The tiny holes help to ventilate you. Therefore, wicking away moisture and sweat, keeping you cool and dry for longer. Micro mesh mens underwear is not see-through; the holes are too small. Ultimately, it’s a great option for active men for physical activities like the gym and working out.

Both the brand’s PUMP! and Locker Gear use micro mesh in many of their products. PUMP underwear is a great option for the gym and physical activity. Therefore, they use the material in many of their mens jockstraps. Locker Gear is a brand which aims to bring together men’s sportswear and fetishwear design, so it is a more fetish-style brand.


Fishnet material also has holes, but the weave is much larger. Much, much larger. It’s a material that is designed to be see-through. Therefore, it’s the sexiest of the mesh underwear types. It’s also the rarest available. It will also ventilate you, but the aim is sex appeal! Take a look at MODUS VIVENDI Net Trap for fishnet breifs, jocks, boxers, shorts & tops for a full net look! And also PUMP! for sporty net styles.


Sheer mesh mens underwear is another seductive alternative. It has a smaller weave compared to a fishnet. You almost can’t see the weave. But it is still see-through. The small weave makes it transparent to give a risqué look. It is also cooling and wicks away moisture. But the main benefit here is sex appeal. The male brands that offer sheer mesh underwear are MODUS VIVENDI and Andrew Christian. Take a look at these mens designs…

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