Mens Front Enhancing Underwear

Padded underwear helps to reshape your front pouch or buttocks. It is a great solution for mens underwear enhancement. Push-up underwear provides lift and support to the front and lifting straps can provide support to the rear. But padded underwear creates a rounder and fuller appearance. There is no need for uncomfortable lifting straps. Padding is available in the front pouch, sewn into the back seams or a mixture of both, therefore providing the desired effect. This padded underwear guide takes you through both the front and rear forms of padded underwear.


The aim of padded pouch underwear is to give you a fuller and rounder appearance in the pouch area. Padded underwear has soft, washable padding. It is inserted into the front pouch and is also usually removable. 
The level of padding available varies by brand, as does the thickness, shape and material. Thicker padding will be warmer so that’s not too helpful during summer. Softer materials will be much more comfortable to wear.
Padding is a form of frontal enhancement. It has the same effect as stuffing a sock down the front – it gives you a rounder and fuller appearance. The aim is not to give you lift and support. For this type of frontal enhancement, you would need push-up underwear.
To summarize, padding gives you a fuller and rounder appearance but it doesn’t provide lift or support and it can increase the temperature if you use the wrong type or thickness of material.

CODE22 Power Shape
The CODE22 Power Shape underwear range is a bestseller at VOCLA. A piece of foam padding is inserted into the front cup. It provides a mid-range level of enhancement. It is not so large that it looks ridiculously unnatural. But it is also not so small that it doesn’t work. The padding is washable, as it can easily be removed. We would recommend removing the padding occasionally when washing, to help preserve its shape over time. The padding provides a rounder and fuller appearance to the front.

You can also purchase padded cups separately. Andrew Christian offer some padded underwear cups. They are available with and without ‘male features’ and in black or white.

Mens Bum Padded Underwear


Butt padded underwear does exactly the same as front padded underwear but on the buttocks rather than the pouch. Butt pads reshape the buttocks, rather than lifting them.  The underwear has bum padding sewn into the back. This reshapes the buttocks and therefore helps you to achieve the perfect bubble butt.

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