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  • MASKULO Body & C-Ring Harness, Neon White-1
  • SKULLA Balaclava, White-1
  • SKULLA Leatherette Windbreaker Jacket, BlackRed-1
  • MASKULO Backless Cotton Briefs with Breathable Mesh Pouch, Red-1
  • SKULLA Balaclava, Red-1
  • SKULLA Leatherette Running Shorts, BlackRed-1


Sport-meets-fetish with the new Maskulo SKULLA collection. The leatherette material and it’s hot & shiny look gives a fetish twist to your sports gear. Create the full SKULLA chav look with the jacket and trackies.


The Maskulo Armoured collection is another seriously hot & sexy padded design by Maskulo, this time with a superhero twist. The shiny fabrics are super-stretchy to show off your assets and mixed with 3D mesh padding for a masculine hero look. All the items can be paired up with a great range of matching accessories to give you a full Armoured outfit. You are ready for battle!


Think smooth & shiny rubber-look outfits and you have the Maskulo Youngero collection. These kinky styles are finished in a range of coloured trims that show your fetish or glow-in-the-dark, perfect for a party night. There are range of styles from full-cover ones to naughty backless and zip-up ones for the more adventurous guy. And did we mention the removable mesh cod piece pouches?!


Maskulo’s LIFE collection is designed in a soft cotton, more for everyday wear, a step sideways from their fetish lines. The 3D layered pouch enhances your front assets and is made with a breathable mesh that ventilates you, keeping you cool & dry for longer. The LIFE collection gives you a great all-round underwear style for everyday life or a night out.


You’ll be glowing on the dancefloor with these partywear styles. The Maskulo Disco collection features a range of hot lycra clothing with neon details and neon colourways, which glow bright under fluorescent lighting. That neon party you want to go to just became a whole lot more appealing!


The original and massively popular Maskulo collection, the Padded line is designed for your fetish desires. These lycra styles have leather-look 3D padding to create a masculine fetish look. Throw in a removable cod piece pouch, zip-up backs or backless features and a huge range of matching accessories and your fetish desires just got met. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd in the Padded gear!

Maskulo is a super-hot men’s fetishwear and partywear brand that lets you express your masculine fetish side. Their slogan is ‘Masculinity Exposed’. Their fetish gear helps make a guy feel sexy and attractive.

The designs are all about sex appeal, from the materials like shiny neoprene rubber, stretchy lycra and latex, to the kinky details like removable pouches, zip-up rears and in-built c-rings. Their collections have a slightly different focus, be it full fetish, glow-in-the-dark neon partywear or sports-meets-fetish styles.

Established in 2014, Maskulo is a Russian brand, based in Siberia. It’s probably not where you thought such a hot fetishwear brand would be. The founders, Artem Smyslov and Bulat Barantaev are members of several democratic organisations and Maskulo is an openly gay-owned and operated company. A part of Maskulo’s profit is donated to democratic and human rights organisations in Russia.

VOCLA holds the UK’s largest range of Maskulo and releases all the new collections early. We offer a price guarantee on all products.

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