GUIDE: The 3 Forms of Front Enhancing Underwear for Men

Looking for a boost to either the shape of your front package or your confidence? Enhancing underwear could be the answer! It’s one of the most popular underwear features at VOCLA. However, it’s a confusing area because the different forms of enhancement technology have evolved, creating different options with their own advantages and disadvantages. Whilst the technology differs slightly between each brand, there are effectively three forms of frontal enhancement underwear – remember that we are talking about ‘front’ enhancement here, enhancing the buttocks requires entirely different technology.

The three main forms of frontal enhancement in men’s underwear are:

1) Padding

2) Push-up systems

3) Pouch design.


Padded mens underwear has padding inserted into the front pouch. This padding is usually a soft, washable foam and it can sometimes be removed. Sometimes the padding is a hard cup, but this type of padded underwear is designed for protection during sports, rather than for enhancement. The level of padding varies and clearly the larger and fuller padding creates more enhancement. The padding is nicely rounded and this creates a fuller appearance to the front, providing the fullest appearance compared to the other forms of enhancement underwear. The padding does not provide any lift, support or extra space. The amount of pouch space is actually reduced because of the padding and sometimes the padding can cause less stretch in the pouch area. You may therefore find that you are a little constrained if you’re well endowed! Inserting padding into the front cup will create an extra layer of insulation, creating a warmer temperature and increasing the amount of sweating and sticking, although it does depend on the type of foam used. Softer foam will be the worst, more rigid foam will insulate less.

Best for: creating the fullest appearance

Worst for: temperature control

Recommended for: creating a fuller appearance underneath jeans and trousers, giving you confidence

Not recommended for: well endowed guys (you wont’ have enough space) or warmer climates (you could be cooked!)


Examples: ADDICTED Pack Up Range

The ADDICTED Pack Up underwear is a bestseller at VOCLA. Their ‘Pack Up’ feature involves a piece of foam padding being inserted into the front cup. It provides a mid-range level of enhancement which we feel is perfect – it’s not so large that it looks ridiculously unnatural but it’s also not so small that it doesn’t work. Many of our customers come back and purchase the same product in different colours, suggesting that this padding works well. The padding is washable but as it can easily be removed, we would recommend removing the padding occasionally when washing to help preserve its shape over time. The padding provides a rounded and fuller appearance to the front. In particular, the padding on this range of underwear is more rigid, creating a rounder shape and reducing the issues with temperature control.

ADDICTED Pack Up Paded Underwear




Mens push up underwear is designed to provide lift and support. The lifting effect gives you enhancement. There is a push-up system inside the front pouch and this can take two forms:

1) Some push up underwear for men has straps which fasten underneath the package. These straps behave like a craddle, holding the package upwards and supporting it underneath

2) The more common form of push up male underwear involves a piece of U-shaped or horse-shoe shaped material being sewn into the entrance of the pouch. Your package sits over this material, with the material supporting it from underneath, pushing it upwards and outwards. The material usually has soft elastic lining to make it more comfortable and to provide some flexibility.

The benefits of push up mens underwear are not only support, lift and enhancement. By pushing the package upwards and away from the body, these push-up systems reduce the amount of sticking, sweating and squashing, making it a healthier wearing experience. In terms of enhancement, push-up systems tend to provide the largest level of enhancement, although it can vary depending on your package size. The disadvantage of push-up underwear relates to the ‘feel’. It is not necessarily uncomfortable, it just feels strange at first. It is not natural for your package to be pushed upwards and therefore it can feel strange, requiring a little patience until you are used to the feel.

Best for: maximum lift and support

Worst for: the feel

Recommended for: warmer climates and temperature control, reducing sweating and sticking

Not recommended for: guys that are sensitive down below!


Examples: Andrew Christian Show-It Range

The Andrew Christian Show-It technology provides a U-shaped piece of material sewn into the entrance of the pouch. This lifts the package upwards and outwards, adding up to 1.5 inches onto your front measurements. The material has a soft elastic lining to provide comfort, helping to improve the feeling.

Andrew Christian Show It Push Up Underwear




Mens pouch underwear is not necessarily designed as a form of enhancement underwear. Many brands change the cut and hence the shape of the front pouch. Some do this to provide extra space, perfect for the well-endowed guy. Some do this to provide less space, providing more support. These changes can have the indirect effect of providing enhancement. There is no real consistency in the advantages and disadvantages because the pouches are changed for different reasons. Therefore, it’s best if we describe a few examples:

Andrew Christian Almost Naked – this range of pouch underwear is designed with a front pouch that is cut to provide a larger, anatomically correct cup. The pouch is basically longer than standard pouches. This allows your package to hang free. It gives a more natural wearing experience which is much more comfortable than standard pouches. This in turn reduces the amount of sticking, squashing, sweating and chafing. But by creating a longer front pouch that lets your package hang free, there is also the indirect effect of making your package look larger because it isn’t squashed into a small pouch. There is no lifting or padding, it’s just a natural effect. It won’t provide outwards enhancement, it just makes the package look longer.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy – this pouch underwear is exactly the same as the Almost Naked range above, but with one difference – an even larger front pouch. It is designed to give extra space for well-endowed guys, or ‘Trophy Boys’ as Andrew Christian calls them. It significantly reduces the amount of squashing for larger guys.

Best for: a natural wearing experience, reducing sticking, squashing and sweating

Worst for: lift and support

Recommended for: well-endowed guys, you guys will fill those large pouches and be able to naturally show off your assets!

Not recommended for: in terms of enhancement, pouch underwear is not recommended for smaller guys (sorry…you won’t fill the pouches and therefore won’t look any bigger) but it is suitable for the other benefits

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Pouch Underwear


A few more ways to get a boost…

The above is not an exhaustive list, there are other forms of front enhancement underwear. There are other ways that enhancement can be achieved or appear to be achieved, but they are not as widespread:

1) Booster straps – some brands place straps on the outside of the underwear, which fit around the package. These straps do not provide any lift and therefore do not actually provide enhancement. They instead accentuate the appearance of the front, making it look enhanced. An example would be Modus Vivendi and their booster strap products such as the Modus Vivendi Bear range.

2) Stretchy pouches – some products have pouches made with stretchy materials such as ribbed cotton or 2 way stretch knitted cotton. These materials will allow the pouch to more easily stretch for the well-endowed man and he will therefore look larger than he would in underwear with a standard pouch.