The Top 5 Best Enhancing Underwear

If you’re looking to boost your front package profile, you have come to the right place – VOCLA has over 120 styles of men’s front enhancing underwear. And that’s not all you can reshape, VOCLA also has bum enhancing underwear. But amongst all this choice, which is the best male enhancement underwear?

Firstly, just to be clear, not all men’s enhancing underwear technology is the same. There are four main types of enhancing men’s underwear:

1) Push Up Underwear – the front pouch contains technology which lifts and supports you
2) Padded Underwear – the front pouch has padding to give a fuller and rounder appearance
3) Pouch Underwear – the front pouch is designed to let you hang free, which indirectly shows off your bulge!
4) Bum Enhancing Underwear – jock straps are evident in the back of the underwear, lifting the buttocks upwards. Alternatively padding is sewn inside the material to reshape the buttocks.

Each of the above comes with different advantages and disadvantages. You can review the benefits and drawbacks of the first three in our article: The Three Forms of Front Enhancing Underwear for Men. See the link at the bottom.


Top 5 Best Mens Enhancing Underwear.

1) Andrew Christian Show-It

This is one of the premier Andrew Christian collections, a consistent firm favourite. The Show-It technology has a U-shaped piece of material inserted into the entrance to the front pouch. Your package sits over this piece of material, which is elasticated and soft so that you are still comfortable. The material holds your package up, lifting it upwards and outwards. Andrew Christian has implemented this popular technology in many of his designs, and quite often alongside other technology and features.
Andrew Christian Show It technology claims to increase your front bulge by up to 1.5 inches! But that’s not the only benefit. Moving the package upwards and outwards, away from the body, helps to reduce sticking, squashing and sweating

Andrew Christian Show It


The ADDICTED Pack Up range of underwear has soft foam padding inserted into the front pouch. It is removable if you don’t want to use it one day or if you want to help preserve the shape when washing. The foam padding creates a rounder and fuller appearance in the pouch. Some people don’t like the feeling of being lifted by push-up technology, so padding can be a good alternative.
Underwear is not the only place you can find ADDICTED Pack Up padding, they’ve also included it in many of their swimwear products. So if you are looking for some enhancing swimwear, take a look at those that feature ADDICTED Pack Up padding. You’re sure to look hot on the beach!


3) Andrew Christian FlashLIFT

Andrew Christian FlashLIFT technology aims to help you create that lush bubble butt you have always wanted. The underwear has jock straps sewn into the back material. These are elasticated and lift your buttocks upwards.
If you’re looking for a full nip and tuck, try the Andrew Christian Show-It FlashLIFT boxers. These are basically mega boxers, offering a combination of everything – show-it technology to lift and support you at the front and FlashLIFT technology to lift you at the back!

Andrew Christian FlashLIFT Underwear

4) Modus Vivendi Boost

The Modus Vivendi Boost products have booster straps which sit around the outside of the pouch and lift your package upwards slightly. The booster straps are in contrast colours so they also frame the pouch which gives the appearance of even more lift. Where Andrew Christian Show-It lifts you on the inside of the underwear, Modus Vivendi lift you on the outside.
If you’re looking for even more enhancement, the Modus Vivendi Boost boxer not only has booster straps to lift you at the front but also has booster straps to the back to lift your buttocks upwards. Again, the booster straps are on the outside so where Andrew Christian FlashLIFT lifts you from the inside of the underwear, Modus Vivendi boost lifts you on the outside.

Modus Vivendi Boost Underwear

5) Andrew Christian Almost Naked

Strictly, the Andrew Christian Almost Naked range is not aimed at providing front enhancement. But it indirectly shows off your assets. The cut of the front pouch has been designed so that it is larger than normal, allowing you to naturally hang free. Andrew Christian calls this ‘anatomically correct’ underwear. This natural wearing experience feels much more comfortable, to the point that you feel ‘almost naked’. But there are other benefits too: – less squashing, chafing, sticking and sweating. As you’re naturally dangling in the front pouch, this range of underwear truly shows off the full extent of your package and so for that reason we have included it in our list – no lifting, no padding, just a natural and manly offering!

Andrew Christian Almost Naked

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