Briefs are the go-to for men’s underwear, and here at VOCLA, we have some of the best underwear briefs available right now! Mens briefs keep everything in place without covering up too much skin. Therefore they give a sexier look than traditional boxer underwear. Additionally, with less material, mens underwear briefs can be less restricting with tighter fits.

Did you know? – A study has shown that briefs are men’s favourite style of underwear, with 41% of men preferring briefs whilst 27% would opt for boxer briefs.  

The best underwear briefs are available in a range of different styles and also designs from the best brands. Over recent years, different types of briefs have appeared, such as enhancing briefs, along with naughtier bottomless briefs and zip-front briefs and bikini briefs. These are perfect if you’re looking for something a bit sexier!

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Mens Underwear for information about more underwear styles.


 10. PUMP! Blue Steel Brief

This PUMP! Blue Steel Brief is a breathable brief and perfect for any activity and all-day wear. Available in navy and pale blue colourways. This brief has a contoured cotton pouch and a micro-mesh body for ventilation.

9.  CODE22 Mens Skin Brief

A nude brief is great underneath light-coloured clothes for an ‘invisible’ and minimal look.

8. LOCKER GEAR Backless Zipper Brief  

This Locker Gear brief is a sporty fetish brief with an athletic and masculine feel! Add a hint of that Locker Gear fetish style into your daily drawers with this comfortable backless brief with sex appeal!

7.  PUMP Play Tanga Brief

A stand out from PUMP! with its playful coloured design. Additionally, it’s made from a cotton micro-mesh construction to ensure you’re comfortable and get the best ventilation. This men’s tanga brief style has no side material, which reduces chafing and gives easier and more comfortable leg movement.

6. ANDREW CHRISTIAN Premium Bamboo Brief

Premium for a reason! These Andrew Christian briefs are made from super soft Bamboo Rayon. It’s silky smooth to touch. The best fabric for all-day comfort!

5. Modus Vivendi Hellenic Tanga Brief

This Modus Vivendi Tanga Brief is a popular twist on the classic brief, with high-cut legs, meaning less material on the sides. 

4. TOF Paris French Bikini Brief 

A sexy men’s micro brief with a low-rise and minimal look compared to the classic brief style. Therefore, this brief gives you the best sexy look whilst providing all-day comfort.

3. Best Mens Brief ANDREW CHRISTIAN Almost Naked Cotton Brief with Hang Free Pouch

A staple piece from Andrew Christian, this brief benefits from Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked technology. Designed with a hang-free and anatomically correct front pouch, providing the best extra space and the best comfortable wearing experience.

2. SUKREW Oxford Enhancing Brief

Benefiting from a moulded & enlarged pouch, it fits perfectly around your package. Therefore, shaping & lifting to give the best enhanced & supported bulge. A great option for everyday wear.


The best underwear brief! This CODE22 Power Shape brief has a padded pouch. The padding is removable and gives you a fuller and rounder pouch appearance. It’s the best-padded underwear we have.