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VOCLA has hundreds of mens jockstraps. Mens designer jocks from top global brands, sourced directly from the designer.

Mens jockstrap underwear usually has just pouch coverage to the front. However, some modern cuts have full front cover like a brief. But they all have elasticated jock straps to the back. These straps help to support the buttocks and sometimes lift them upwards, helping you achieve that perfect bubble butt look. The lack of rear material also provides air circulation. Therefore, jockstrap underwear styles are a great option for sports or those with an active lifestyle.

VOCLA has a mixture of fashion and sports mens jockstraps. Plus, some naughty and sexy styles. But for something even more kinky, see our range of fetish jockstraps.

For sports, it’s best to focus on the jocks that are made with a breathable material, such as micro-mesh. The fabric has tiny holes that ventilate you, helping to keep you cool and dry for longer.

But if you are interested in something a little naughty, take a look at our fetish jockstraps.

And if you want something similar to both a jockstrap and a brief, take a look at our jock briefs. These are mens backless briefs – full front cover, but with either fabric or elasticated jock straps to the open rear.

Still unsure whether a jockstrap is for you? Take a look at our Guide to Mens Underwear to compare the different styles.

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